Newborn Services (0-3 Months)

Sweet Sleep Advantage

Sweet Sleep Advantage is our 1:1 package for babies 0-3 months. This option will help you set the proper sleep foundations to “jump start” sleep success for your baby in just 1 week or less, which gives you a true advantage! Sleep can be tricky for families, even in the newborn stage, so setting your baby up for great sleep from the very beginning is a great way to go!

You will have 1 week of one-on-one guidance and support every step of the way as you are navigating life with your new bundle home.

The Peaceful Sleep Parent Club

The Peaceful Sleep Parent Club is our group coaching option available to children from birth to age 5. The Peaceful Sleep Parent Club is our group coaching option that will provide your family with the education, tools and support needed to help your child get on track to great sleep habits.

With this option, you will have community support, weekly group coaching/Q&A sessions, and a private coaching call guiding you towards obtaining and maintaining sleep success for your child.

2 Weeks To Sweet Dreams

We currently offer a Newborn online course for babies 0-3 months in our 2 Weeks to Sweet Dreams Program that is video-based and contains easy-to-follow modules that you’re able to complete at your own pace. This class is designed to help your family:

  • Set healthy sleep foundations;
  • Create bedtime and naptime routines;
  • Understand nutrition, awake windows and sleep needs in the newborn stage;
  • Gain more knowledge of the 4 month sleep regression and other developmental milestones.


A consultation will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions about any current sleep challenges that you’re experiencing so we can get your child back on track to healthy sleep. In the newborn stage, consultations can be especially helpful to help you ensure you have solid foundations in place that promote healthy sleep right from the very beginning.