How To Troubleshoot Early Morning Risings


Is your child waking in the morning before 6 a.m. and it’s becoming overwhelming?

When your child wakes up at 3:30, 4, or 5 a.m., it can be tough, especially because you’re probably already feeling exhausted.  BUT, don’t worry!  There’s good news!  There are ways to overcome the early-morning risings and get your child on track to at least sleep until 6 a.m., and this guide will show you how.

Here’s what’s included in this 30+ page guide:

  • Why early morning risings often occur
  • The importance of setting solid sleep foundations
  • Understanding awake windows
  • Total hours of day/night sleep (by age)
  • Number of total naps per day needed (for each age group)
  • Sample schedules
  • Understanding naptime

Let’s put your baby’s early risings in the rear view mirror!

This product is digital and is not eligible for a refund.