Discover How To Get Your Family On Track To Great Sleep At Your Own Pace

We offer a Newborn Course for babies 0-3 months and an Infant Sleep Course for babies 4-12 months. Both courses are designed to provide sleep education and support to guide your family to long-term sleep success.

Does this sound familiar?

Your days are super busy, it’s becoming hard to keep up and you have a never-ending list of tasks to complete.

Just when you’d expect things to settle with bedtime near, you become filled with anxiety because you know getting your child to sleep for the night will be a true challenge in itself. You have no idea how long it will take to get your child down for sleep, and no idea how long your child will stay asleep before being awake again.

You can’t seem to catch a break, and haven’t had a GOOD night’s sleep in months. Just when you think nap time will be your saving grace, you’re left thinking “what nap?” because your child slept for less than 30 minutes.

You’re exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated with how things are going, and even more frustrated that you may never see things improve.

You constantly find yourself wondering “will I ever sleep again?”

All you need is ONE plan to implement that makes sense and will help your family get the sleep that you NEED and DESERVE. The random Google searches, asking every mom friend you know, and reading every sleep book you can find just isn’t cutting it.

If you’re thinking, yep, this sounds just like me, keep reading!

How would you feel if I told you that being a parent doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sleep?

You can see drastic results with a few simple changes

these are the types of changes that I’m talking:

“This course is GOLD, and I’d recommend it 1000x over”

I was desperate for more sleep and I am so happy that I found The D.R.E.A.M. System. I am so glad I didn’t have to figure this sleep stuff out on my own, because I didn’t know where to even begin.  Now that my husband and I are finally getting sleep at night, life is simply better! This course is GOLD, and I’d recommend it a 1000x over.

Megan I.

Wondering if you’ll see success with a course instead of one-on-one coaching?

this is for you if:


2 Weeks to Sweet Dreams

The 2 Weeks to Sweet Dreams program provides two courses (Newborn & 4-12 Months) designed to help you get your baby sleeping longer stretches during the night, and taking longer restorative naps in just 2 weeks or less.

Here’s what’s included in our

Newborn & 4-12 Month Sleep Courses

0-3 months

The Newborn Course

This course is designed to prepare you for the developmental changes that newborns experience, to provide you with ways to soothe your newborn, strategy to help you with wake-ups during the night and just gives you an overall understanding of why certain things may be happening with your newborn.

There are just so many things that newborns have to learn now that they are outside of the womb. The goal of this course is not to only help you with your baby’s sleep, but is to also help you understand the different phases your baby is going through during the newborn stage.

There is a downloadable step-by-step sleep plan that is also included with this course.

You will have 1 week of one-on-one guidance and support every step of the way as you are navigating life with your new bundle home.

4-12 months

Infant Sleep Course

This course is designed to help families overcome the overwhelm surrounding their baby’s sleep from short naps (or no naps at all), early morning risings, multiple nightwakings, guidance surrounding awake windows, and the other bumps in the road in-between!

You’ll be able to remain emotionally connected to your baby throughout the sleep teaching journey and set up a daytime routine that fits your family’s lifestyle and core values! This course will help you get your baby sleeping 10-12 hours during the night!

There is a downloadable step-by-step sleep plan that is also included with this course.

0-12 Months

The Ultimate Course Bundle

The course bundle will provide you with access to both the Newborn (0-3 Month) AND the Infant (4-12 Month) sleep courses.

You will also receive downloadable sleep plans for both age groups with actionable steps for implementation.

Program Investment

Newborn course
  • Newborn virtual sleep course
  • proven NEWBORN step-by-step sleep plan
  • unlimited course access
4-12 month course
  • 4-12 month virtual sleep course
  • proven 4-12 MONTH step-by-step sleep plan
  • unlimited course access
newborn + 4-12 month bundle
  • everything that is included in the newborn & 4-12 month virtual sleep courses

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have lifetime access to the course!

Yes! I offer a money-back guarantee on both the newborn and 4-12 month sleep course, but in return I do ask that you complete the course in it’s entirety, and maintain a sleep log as you’re working to implement what you’ve learned from the course to ensure you’ve given the course a fair chance to work for your little one.

Keeping in mind that you’re likely very busy and balancing many things at once, these courses contain 4-6 modules with short, straight to the point lessons that are easy to follow.

Not sure if taking a course is right for you? I can help you decide!

want to hear…

What Other Families Have To Say?

from rested families

Connecting with Juanita was one of the biggest blessings. She is kind, down to earth, relatable and most importantly, compassionate. Her advice has helped cure not just my little one’s naps, but also helped my family overcome multiple night wakings and I’m forever grateful.

susan s.

I was desperate for more sleep and Juanita just told me what to do so I didn’t have to try to figure it out on my own.  I can see the passion she has for helping babies and mamas get better sleep.

megan i.

I didn’t think my son was capable of sleeping through the night and I thought I’d be waking up several times throughout the night the rest of my life. I’m happy I found Baby Sleep Goals. We are all getting much better rest and I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time.

sean M.

Finding Baby Sleep Goals was a dream. I needed help getting my baby to nap better. I spent hours and hours reading and researching what to do. I read several books on how to fix our sleep issues yet nothing worked. Once I had Juanita to answer my questions in real time, everything seemed to fall into place. Now we are more rested and life is simply better.

katie s.

While we don’t focus on formal sleep training with babies 3 months and younger, you can begin setting healthy sleep foundations at birth. It’s important to know that typically children are not ready for longer periods of sleep until they are older, and are developmentally and physically ready. If you’re an expecting mama or have a child that’s younger than 4 months, we can definitely help you get started on the right track with setting healthy sleep foundations. Schedule a call and we can talk in more detail.

No one likes to hear babies cry, especially their own. Tears sometimes are shed during the sleep training/teaching process when a baby’s routine is shifted, and we will be working together to alter what your baby is used to so that we can get your baby on track to better sleep habits. There will more than likely be tears at some point but rest assured that I would never ask you to leave your baby to cry and never return. The good news is, at the end of this journey, your baby will be sleeping well and so will you and your family which will allow for great flexibility in your lives.

With regard to Sweet Sleep Advantage for newborns 0-3 months, this option is all about setting healthy sleep foundations in the newborn stage and bonding with your new baby. We do not conduct formal sleep training for babies 0-3 months. Sweet Sleep Advantage does NOT involve any tears, but will ultimately give you a true advantage to getting your baby set up for great sleep from the very beginning.

YES! Breastfeeding and healthy sleep can definitely work well together! You’ll probably also notice that once you and your baby are well-rested, your breastfeeding relationship may actually improve. It’s important to know that I’ll be here to help you reach your sleep goals regardless of whether your baby is breastfed or formula-fed.

Since there are quite a bit of safety concerns to take into consideration with co-sleeping, I do not work with co-sleeping families that wish to continue co-sleeping and/or bedsharing. However, if you have a safe space for your baby to sleep but share the room with your baby, I can still help you reach your sleep goals.

YES! I work with families with children up to 5 years-old! If you’re interested in services for your older child, take a look at Sweet Sleep VIP. If you have additional questions about our sleep packages, you can schedule a FREE sleep assessment and we can talk more about it.