5 Steps to Help With Managing Postpartum Hair Loss
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Did you just have a baby and now you’re starting to notice your hair is shedding like crazy or thinning around the edges? Are you wondering if there is anything you can do to help your hair recover?

All good things must come to an end, right? Even the beautiful mane you’ve developed through your pregnancy starts to change up on you once the baby is born. Since shedding decreases a lot for most pregnant women there are some women who experience thicker hair, then there are some who experience crazy growth, and then there are those that experience both. Lucky you! BUT THEN, there is the first sentence of this paragraph. At some point, the beautiful thickness and growth comes to an end.

During my pregnancy, I didn’t really notice a significant change in the growth or length of my hair, but girl! Want to know where I noticed the change? Once the baby was here and a couple months later my hair started shedding like crazy and my edges thinned. To shed some light on what can cause the postpartum shedding and what could help you have little to no shedding…or maybe you’d like to quickly repair the damage caused by postpartum shedding, I got you!!

Postpartum Hair Loss

#1 – Continue To Take Your Prenatal Vitamins!

This is one of the biggest areas that I felt like I messed up in. Once the baby got here, she completely took my focus and I started falling behind on taking my prenatal vitamins. I found that taking my prenatal vitamins was very important with all the hormonal changes! Our bodies go through so much during pregnancy and continues to go through a lot as it works to find balance with how it once was! I specifically looked for prenatal vitamins that contained Biotin as that specifically works to help improve your hair.

#2 – Try Healthier Eating Habits!

Healthy eating habits will also help you with postpartum shedding and hair loss! Ever heard the saying that you have to make things better from the inside out? Well, yeah, it starts with healthier eating habits!

#3 – Water, Water & More Water!

If you’re postpartum, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this a hundred times before, ha. Drink more water! Our bodies THRIVE when we drink water. One thing I heavily noticed while I was pregnant was that I was always thirsty unless I was drinking water. If I drank juice or soda (I know, you’re not supposed to have soda), it never seemed to quench my thirst. The only thing that was completely satisfying was water. Your body always tells you what you need, all you have to do is pay attention to it!

#4 – Avoid Heat Styling

I’m a curly girl, but every now and then will flat-iron my hair (which obviously applies heat). Once I started noticing thinning in my hair, this was something that was important to cut back since when we use heat, it makes our hair look a little thinner anyway, so if you can, go natural for a bit! I’m talking about getting rid of the hair dryer, flat-iron, curling iron, etc. Just give it a break!

#5 – Try Different Hair Accessories!

If you’re trying to focus on a way to cover up the thinning or hair loss while you’re working on the other ways to recover your hair, try different styles and hair accessories! You’d be surprised what a good headband or bandana can do! Maybe try an up-do and swoop your hair around in a way that it will hold it’s form and you can cover up the thinning and loss until it comes back because it WILL come back!


To recap, here is how we can solve your problem of postpartum hair loss:

  1. Continue to take your prenatal vitamins.
  2. Change up your diet and eat healthier.
  3. Drink plenty of water!
  4. Avoid heat styling.
  5. Try different hair accessories.

Following these steps is what helped me with my postpartum hair loss! Try them out for a period of time and let me know if they helped you. If you have any additional tips that you’ve tried to overcome postpartum hair loss, please leave a comment below and let us know!